Endpoint Security

The Mocana ON experience begins with
flexible endpoint security options


We pioneered app wrapping with Mocana MAP and created the premier solution for enterprise mobile app security. With AtlasConnect, we’ve taken it one step further for those that want to incorporate the Mocana ON experience into their endpoint security implementation.

These flexible mobile endpoint security options can be consumed by ISVs, third-party endpoint security vendors, MEAPs and toolchain vendors. In addition, organizations who need to flexibly integrate security into their custom apps can take advantage of Mocana endpoint security.


Secure your app in seconds.

Mocana MAP helps eliminate the expensive barriers that prevent organizations from rapidly mobilizing the long tail of enterprise applications and data. Said another way: quickly and inexpensively secure your mobile apps.


Flexibly secure your apps.

Mocana AtlasConnect will integrate with existing security containers and ISV apps to deliver an end-to-end mobile app security solution. App developers can take advantage of existing containers with the unique benefits of Mocana Atlas. 

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"SAP is leading the way in partnering with some of the most successful startup companies in the mobile market today. In working with Mocana, one of the fastest-growing privately-held security platform providers in the world, we plan to bring a new, innovative best-of-breed solution to our customers. This announcement helps reaffirm our commitment to be at the forefront of enterprise mobile app security and to provide customers with the highest level of viability, management and security available today."

Matt Perry, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, SAP Mobile Secure

“Unisys Stealth for Mobile can help enterprises secure their BYOD programs and enable numerous productivity gains in the modern enterprise. Working with Mocana, we have extended our Unisys Stealth solution to mobile devices, allowing enterprises to embrace BYOD while improving security for corporate and employee-owned mobile devices.”

Rod Sapp, VP of Products & Technology, Unisys.


Inject flexible security policies into your mobile app via a web console, or programatically, with confidence and with ease. Enjoy industry-leading security without having to aquire security expertise
Our endpoint security solutions are based on Mocana Device Security Framework, proven over a decade of experience. Apply flexible but consistent security across all of your organization's mobile apps, while delivering the Mocana ON experience to your end users.
Seemlessly incorporate security into your SDLC. Speed up the development cycle for new mobile apps and the incorporation of security into your existing mobile apps. Greatly reduce penetration testing costs by testing the framework, rather than the apps.
Organizations can prevent data loss, strongly enforce user identity and usage policies, encrypt data at rest and in motion. Organizations can select the right combination of policies for the right apps from this broad collection of security policies.
Our approach of injecting a per-app VPN stack into the app means that the unit of trust between the organization’s network and the mobile device is the app itself, rather than alternative coarser-grained solutions. We deliver the smallest possible threat surface area for connected mobile apps.


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