DigiCert Acquires Mocana

We’re excited to announce that Mocana is now powered by DigiCert, the world’s most trusted provider of unified TLS/SSL, PKI and IoT solutions. From chip to factory to field, we are united in our goal of delivering protection from the inside out and reshaping the old model of cybersecurity. READ MORE

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The promise of 5G and digital transformation, combined with the proliferation of autonomous digital devices in our daily lives, are poised to revolutionize innovation in edge protection, process automation, and embedded systems. These unprotected digital devices are on-the-radar of cybercriminals and nation-state hackers for directed attacks. These advanced and sophisticated attacks are crafted to control or manipulate the devices and/or tamper with, steal, or weaponize data on/from these devices for nefarious purposes.

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Current approaches to securing IoT devices focus on a “monitor, detect and respond” mindset. Historic outcomes have proven that such tactical and standalone methods are not adequate to holistically combat risks in the emerging high-speed digitally connected era. We need to chart a strategic course for IoT that harnesses the power of digital transformation to protect our devices and data from unauthorized control, manipulation and weaponization.

What is
Cyber Protection?

Hardening devices for embedded protection and resilience changes the rules for cybersecurity. The reactive “outside-in” threat model in IT environments requires rethinking the “hard-edge, soft-core” paradigm with a proactive “inside-out” risk model. The OT/IoT ecosystem requires a “hardened core”.

Trust. Protect. Measure.



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Mocana TrustCenter™ is a "device foundry" that provides:

✔ Device manufacturers trusted manufacturing at scale

✔ Device operators an end-to-end trusted supply chain for device, application, key and certificate lifecycle protection

Mocana TrustCore™ is an "application foundry" that provides application developers a:

 Trust abstraction platform for secure elements

 Cryptographic abstraction platform for pluggable engines

OS & processor agnostic developer kit for portability

Revolutionize IoT with Cyber Protection as a Service

The emerging ecosystem of distributed computing requires an end-to-end solution for cyber protection that empowers digital transformation for the Internet of Things. We provide a platform for cyber protection as a service. Our patented solution suite – TrustCenter, TrustEdge and TrustCore – helps device operators bridge the gap between IoT/IIoT device vendors and managed security service providers.

We make it operationally efficient and cost effective to implement and apply comprehensive cyber protection across the entire lifecycle of devices. This helps persist trustworthiness of devices from manufacture to end-of-life, ensure data privacy and protection, and share trusted data for risk analytics.

Why Choose Mocana
Reduce Cost & Complexity

The Mocana TrustCenter platform supports the entire supply chain of silicon vendors, contract manufacturers and device vendors to minimize the complexity of PKI infrastructure, transfer of ownership, and key management for device and data protection. The solution reduces lifecycle costs associated with maintenance, compliance and device recovery on compromise, and transforms cost-center to revenue-center with a subscription-based services model.
Platform Agnostic Solution

Mocana protects a broad base of device classes, from resource constrained devices to industrial automation and control systems, gateways and server-class critical infrastructure. Our solution adapts to the inherent limitations imposed by legacy brownfield devices, provides interoperability with greenfield devices, and supports inclusion of resource constrained devices in the connected world of IoT and emerging 5G broadband. Mocana TrustCore is integrated with 70 chipsets and interoperable with over 30 operating systems, offering integrated protection across a multitude of connected devices and services.
Flexible Protection Models

Mocana TrustCenter offers a ‘buy’ option to overcome in-house design and development cycles, time to market, and expense to build an end-to-end solution. This model enables interoperability across heterogenous device platforms and seamless integration with ecosystem services. Mocana TrustCore provides a ‘build’ option to accelerate development that protects data, secures communications and hardens purpose-built devices with a field-proven platform agnostic framework.
Operations at Scale

The Mocana TrustCenter operations platform provides a tamper-resistant and scalable workflow for transfer of ownership and lifecycle management of devices fully integrated with authentication and certification services. It automates provisioning, orchestration and management of devices for scalable enrollment and tamper resistant software updates.
Trusted Device Intelligence for Analytics

Mocana TrustEdge is a comprehensive software solution for IoT device protection. Distributed as pre-compiled binaries, TrustEdge works seamlessly with TrustCenter to provide embedded perimeter controls, authenticated and automated key management for network traffic encryption, trusted platform measurements and event tracking for live analytics – to prime third-party orchestration, artificial intelligence and machine learning services in the cloud.
Secure Application Development

The Mocana TrustCore development platform provides an innovative solution to empower application developers with a simple set of APIs to leverage data privacy and protection controls for safety, security and compliance without extensive reengineering.
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