How Mocana and Partner Help Customers

The integrated solution will allow device designers and developers to benefit in the following ways:

  • More easily comply with IEC 62443 4-2, 62443 3-3, and 62443 Security Level 4, FIPS 140-2 Level 1, and the Industrial Internet Consortium’s (IIC) Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF)
  • Speed the development and production of industrial and IoT devices that require stronger security and high performance that require IEC 62443 Security Level 4benefits and
  • Utilize a TPM 2.0 with private keys built into silicon, multi-factor authentication and trust chaining to improve the trustworthiness of a system
  • Leverage scalable X.509 PKI-based certificate management, authentication and device enrollment using OCSP, SCEP, EST (RFC 7030) or IKE
  • Support a broad range of encrypted transport, including SSL, SSH, wireless (802.11) and IPSec
  • Secure over the air (OTA) firmware updates cryptographically signed firmware images
  • Support industrial messaging protocols such as AMQP, DDS, MQTT, OPC UA and TSN
  • Connect to the various cloud providers to securely process and analyze industrial IoT data
  • Fully compliant with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Endpoint Security Best Practices Guidelines IIC:WHT:IN17:V1.6.2:ID:20180112a

Xilinx, Mocana, Infineon Technologies, and Avnet have introduced a pre-integrated, comprehensive, and flexible industrial IoT platform that meets the latest cybersecurity standards and recommendations.

This partnership makes a best-in-class and futureproof cybersecurity solution easily accessible for all. The platform can be quickly brought into production via the modular SOM offering, through custom PCB development for tightly integrated systems, or a hybrid approach.

Simply Secured: Industrial IoT's First Pre-integrated Edge-to-Cloud Cybersecurity Solution Webinar


IEC 62443 Level 4 is the gold standard for Industrial IoT cybersecurity. Xilinx is proud to work with industry leaders like Mocana and others to enable equipment manufacturers to quickly and easily appropriate the benefits of a world-class cybersecurity solution while saving the time and complexity of designing it themselves.”

Christoph Fritsch

Xilinx Senior Director for Industrial IoT, Scientific, and Medical Markets

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