NanoSec New Release Makes it Easy to Implement IPsec on Devices

Mocana's latest version of NanoSec, a component of the recently announced NanoPhone Suite for Android™, provides developers with the smallest, fastest IPsec implementation on the market, making it ideal for resource-constrained smartphones, intelligent printers, networked medical devices, industrial automation and SCADA applications. With NanoSec, design teams can dramatically reduce development costs and time-to-market when building IPsec-compliant device applications.

The NanoSec source code is available now for a 90-day free trial at

"This new version of NanoSec includes a number of features and policies that can be switched on and off as needed, without needing to completely recode the product. For device makers, this provides greater flexibility in terms of application development and provides a competitive advantage when selling into the enterprise." James Blaisdell, CTO for Mocana