VPNC Certifies Mocana IPSec-VPN Device Security Products for IPv6 Interoperability

pic2-8-740685Mocana's NanoSec™ IPsec device security product passed the IPv6 Interoperability Test from the Virtual Private Network Consortium (VPNC). Only four vendors, worldwide, offering IPv6-compatible virtual private network solutions have ever received this certification.

This certification assures enterprises and developers shopping for next-generation IPv6 virtual private networking products that Mocana’s NanoSec will interoperate securely and seamlessly with certified products from other vendors.

"As the trend toward IPv6 continues, the type of interoperability Mocana demonstrated will be required to ensure the next-generation of connected devices have proper security measures in place, but are still able to communicate with the broadest range of devices," said James Blaisdell, CTO for Mocana. "We are pleased to join Juniper, Wind River and Safenet in setting the standard for a higher level of security by being the first to achieve IPv6 interoperability."

Learn more about the VPNC IPv6 Certification Tests.

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