Google Readies Cloud Printing

pic4-44We've previously discussed Google's Chrome operating system--its in-development OS that keeps applications and services in the cloud. But despite continued progress on Chrome, how the OS would handle printing has remained unknown.

But a recent New York Times blog post reports that Google has announced its plan for printing to--and from--the cloud. Anticipating a new generation of cloud-aware printers, and making use of currently networked ones, Google Cloud Print will aim to allow printing from any device to any printer in the world. In Chrome, a device will send print instructions to the could where they will be delivered to a cloud-aware printer, or delivered back to the device and translated into print commands understood by today's non-cloud-based printers.

Naturally there are concerns over data security and privacy with this scenario, which would require all documents be sent through the cloud for printing whether it be from smartphones, netbooks or PCs.