LG Announces New Smart Grid-Connected Appliances

A new series of smart appliances just announced by LG will--in addition to having smart grid connectivity--communicate with each other over the network, as well as connect to owners' smartphones and tablet devices, giving them control over a wide range of energy-saving and diagnostic functions--bringing the kitchen to the forefront of the Internet of Things.

The technology, known as "Thinq," was recently profiled on Engadget,

At the center of Thinq is the concept of an intelligent WiFi grid built around a smart meter enabling home owners to schedule the oven cook time, washing machine cycle, and refrigerator defrost at the most cost-effective or convenient times. [...]

Thinq appliances show daily, weekly, or monthly reports detailing each appliance's energy consumption. Naturally, you can access daily totals from your smartphone or tablet as well.