CPU Tech and Mocana Deliver Next-Generation Secure Embedded Platforms for Military

Mocana and CPU Tech, a leader in trusted and secure processing solutions, announced on Monday that they have partnered to build confidentiality, integrity and authentication features directly into the Acalis Sentry product line.

Nowhere is device security and mobile security more crucial than in Defense applications. The mission-critical requirements of defense settings demand a fully-integrated security architecture, built from the ground up. The Acalis Sentry software/hardware combination encrypts embedded software and manages internal security settings for CPU Tech’s Acalis® CPU872, the first commercially available trusted embedded processor that addresses the anti-tampering and embedded security requirements of military and commercial systems, as defined by U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction 5200.39.

Acalis Sentry uses NanoCrypto’s RSA authentication between itself and its Web-2.0 client application to ensure the integrity of the security settings configured through the client actually is programmed into the device. NanoCrypto’s AES capability enables Acalis Sentry to dynamically protect its ‘data at rest’ stored in external memory, greatly expanding the application’s capability to manage its data.

Mocana CEO Adrian Turner said in a press release

Our customer CPU Tech is at the forefront of the emergence of the Internet of Things. The Internet isn’t a network of computers anymore – devices actually outnumber PCs by at least five to one. But traditional security models were all built around the assumption that PCs were the nodes on the network that needed protection. The network has evolved, and old security models don’t work well anymore. Security needs to evolve, too, and CPU Tech gets that.

For more information about the state of security of non-PC devices, Mocana’s Spring 2011 Device Security Report is now available for download at http://www.mocana.com/spring2011/.