Podcast: Erik Peterson On MAP 2.0

This week's podcast, Erik Peterson, Principal Engineer at Mocana, discusses MAP 2.0 with Robert Vamosi, and relates his experience bringing Mocana's unique mobile app protection solution to Apple's iOS.

MAP 2.0 uses patent-pending technology that enables enterprise IT to “wrap” new layers of security into Android or iPhone apps, without requiring app source code access, without the need to write any code, and without negatively impacting performance, battery life or app usability. With MAP, enterprise IT administrators can easily add new security features to apps “born without them.” Once wrapped by MAP, apps maintain their new security behaviors wherever they are deployed, whether they reside on company-, employee- or consumer-owned devices.

MAP 2.0 is different from enterprise mobile management solutions currently on the market, which are focused on whitelisting, blacklisting or determining who should have access to certain apps. MAP 2.0 is a Mobile Application Security (MAS) solution that is focused on securing the app itself and the data it works with.

Listen to this week's podcast here.