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Samsung "SAFE" Enterprise Play

Posted by Robert Vamosi on 6/20/12 9:29 AM | Estimated Reading Time:

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Samsung is hoping to give Blackberry a solid run for its money in terms of enterprise customers with its new Samsung Approved For Enterprise or SAFE designation.

According to Computerworld, Samsung will provide "support and quality assurance for 338 smartphone management policies important to IT, including 256-bit encryption on the device, enhanced support for Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync, support for leading VPN software and for a number of mobile device management systems." The Galaxy S III will be the first SAFE smart phone on the market with an expansion of the program to other phones and tablets later this year.

With the SAFE compliance, Timothy Wagner, vice president and general manager of Samsung enterprise sales, told Computerworld that a worker can buy a Galaxy S III and "go into the office and show the IT guy that it complies."

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