Hardware Hacker Sentenced

A criminal hacker was sentenced last Wednesday in Boston to three years in prison for modifying and selling cloned cable-modems.

According to the Boston Globe, US District Judge Mark L. Wolf told Ryan Harris: "I think you committed a very serious crime."

Harris earned between $400,000 and $1 million from cloning modems and pirated Internet access from cable companies.

From the Globe:

To access Internet service, Harris, who went by the moniker DerEngel, would modify, or uncap, a modem to remove the filters set up by the Internet service provider, allowing the modem to have a quicker Internet connection without the Internet service provider being able to throttle it. Harris would also clone other people’s modem addresses, or identification codes that Internet providers use to confirm that a user is a paid subscriber.

Harris' lawyer said his client was motivated by anger toward large corporations. "He acted on a grievance, as a lot of young people do."

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