Fortune 500 Firms Still At Risk From DNSChanger

With nearly a week left before the government pulls the plug on the temporary DNS server used after Operation Ghost Click shut down the compromised DNS server last year.

According to The Register, a survey released last week from Internet Identity (IID) shows that 12 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have at least one computer within their networks pointing to the "fake" DNS site. "The statistics come from IID's security intelligence and reputation services as well as data from other security and internet infrastructure organisations," according to the publication.

Known as "DNS Changer," the malware changed the DNS server on comprised computers to point to a server under the control of criminal hackers. Once the government shut down that criminal operation, it created a temporary server until the victims could be notified and have chance to reconfigure their machines.

To find out whether your computer is vulnerable, the US government has set up a site, If your computer is infected, the government has another site,, that tells you how to fix the problem.