Podcast: Mike Pontillo Talks About Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

Mike Pontillo, Senior Member of Technical Staff at Mocana, talks with host Robert Vamosi about software-defined virtual networks in the rebroadcast of an earlier podcast.

In February, DeviceLine blogged about enterprise vendors rushing to release their own visions of virtualized networks known as software-defined networks (SDN). The current crop of SDNs is built around something called OpenFlow. Developed at Stanford University, OpenFlow is a type of network protocol that moves network intelligence from network traditional switches and routers to a software-based controller. This includes the enterprise the ability to route packets, prioritize traffic, minimize latency, and the enforce quality of service policies on a virtual network. At least one company, Big Switch Networks, founded by the academic creators of OpenFlow, now offers an open source version of OpenFlow for Apache under the brand name Floodlight.

Listen to the podcast here..