Android Susceptible To ClickJacking

Rookits, the bane of Windows PCs, will soon be a problem for Android users as well, according to university researchers.

A team led by North Carolina State University professor Xuxian Jiang, has created a prototype clickjacking rootkit in the lab that is more sophisticated than malware in the wild today. The prototype attacks the Android framework rather than the Android kernel, allowing it to function without requiring a reboot of the device or deep manipulation of the code. "But it can still do all the things that a rootkit wants to do, such as hide or redirect apps," Jiang explained in a video.

According to the NCSU Abstract the prototype affects Android versions 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and before.

The research is an outgrowth of the Android Malware Genome Project which Jiang co-founded. The project is attempting to categorize all Android malware and families of malware for further study.