Replace Alice And Bob?

What if we remove Alice and Bob from cryptography discussions, would chaos follow?

For years Alice and Bob have represented "persons A" and "person B." Dr S. Parthasarathy has proposed that Sita and Rama, who are two central characters in the Hindu Ramayana be used instead. His rational includes the fact that the first letter better corresponds to the roles these characters play (Send and Receiver). He further argues that the story of Sita and Rama is easy to learn and sticks in the memory longer.

But that is also the argument's failure: Alice and Bob have no such story to tell. The audience accepts them as two neutral individuals who wish to communicate with each other. Also, the evesdropper is Ravana, another "R" name, hence confusion. Parthasarathy proposes a another name, Hindu for "Bad Man," but that undercuts his argument that the Ramayana is a well-known story that's easy to remember.

It seems unlikely that Alice and Bob are in any danger.