Unedited Security Magazine Gets Punked

A security magazine that calls itself the "biggest IT security magazine in the world" apparently has no paid editors or writers.

In a recent issue, Hackin9, distinguished researchers Jon Oberheide, Nico Waisman, Matthieu Suiche, Chris Valasek, Yarochkin Fyodor, the Grugq, Jonathan Brossard, and Mark Dowd submitted an article about DARPA Inference Cheking Kludge Scanning. It ran without any apparent changes. If you check the first letter of each work you get DICKS, and it only get worse from there. The article makes amateurish errors such as referring to an Internet using IPv7. The current standard is IPv4 with some already upgrading to the new IPv6,and cites scholarly articles on vacuum-tube technology.

According to Register, security researcher Gordon Lyon (Fyodor) is quoted as saying "Maybe they were sick of Hakin9's constant please-write-an-unpaid-article-for-us spam and decided to submit some well-crafted gibberish in response." The magazine does not pay its contributors yet contains advertising. As of last week, eLearnSecurity has withdrawn its ads from the publication.

As for Hackin9, the publication's editorial team issued an apology. "We have to admit that it was an unintentional mistake on our part. It should not have been published but for some reasons, which we are currently investigating internally, it was published, causing, as we can see, many negative voices," read the statement.

A tweet explains it will hopefully end Hackin9 spam of a security researchers in the future.