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"Internet Of Things" Companies Beating Tech Giants

Posted by Robert Vamosi on 10/19/12 4:50 AM | Estimated Reading Time:

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Large tech companies, slow to embrace mobile technology, are finding it hard to compete these days, according to Reuters.

The news service compared the earnings from traditional tech giants such as Microsoft, Intel, and AMD are having rough economic quarters. Even Google is expected to post a third quarter loss in part because of its purchase of Motorola Mobility.

Meanwhile Apple, Amazon, and eBay are doing well.

The news service says companies with strong ties to the PC world (Intel and AMD) are hurting, while companies that recently acquired mobile technology (Microsoft and Google) are not doing much better. The winners are companies like Amazon that have their own hardware and services packages in place and can scale with the growing needs of an increasing mobile society.

Note: Intel is an investor in Mocana.

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