Report: Pentagon To Boost Cybersecurity Numbers

The Pentagon's Cyber Command is expected to increase by significant numbers the number of cybersecurity troops and civilians, adding as many as 4,900 individuals over the next several years.

According to the Washington Post, the plan "calls for the creation of three types of forces under the Cyber Command: “national mission forces” to protect computer systems that undergird electrical grids, power plants and other infrastructure deemed critical to national and economic security; “combat mission forces” to help commanders abroad plan and execute attacks or other offensive operations; and “cyber protection forces” to fortify the Defense Department’s networks."

Given the upcoming military budget cuts, however, the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force will be hard pressed to find so many qualified cybersecurity personnel and train them. Also there's some concern about the role of the NSA. The Gen. Keith B. Alexander, the head of the Cyber Command is also the director of the NSA. The Washington Post sources caution that this expansion is not official yet, but, given recent possible nation-state sponsored malicious activity in cyberspace, it may soon be approved.