Economic Reasons Behind CyberSecurity

Microsoft is attempting to better understand the socio- and economic origins of cybersecurity and concludes that wealthier countries are more secure.

The report is an extension of the company's bi-annual Security Intelligence Report. This report correlates more than 80 socio-economic indicators across 105 countries. According to SecurityLedger these include literacy rate, Rule of Law and broadband usage with malware data from recent Microsoft Security Intelligence Reports. The finding that wealthier countries, especially those in Europe, do a better job of blocking malware is hardly novel, but now there is some hard evidence.

Worrisome, says the report, is the expansion of Brazil, Russia, India, China or the BRIC nations on the Internet. Microsoft said trans-national agreements and treaties can spur governments to action on domestic cyber cime laws and provide them with tools to pursue international cybercrime.