White House Executive Order A "Down Payment"

At a special White House forum session on the executive order at the RSA Conference last week, Michael Daniel, special assistant to the president and cybersecurity coordinator, said the executive order signed by President Obama last month was "a down payment" on cybersecurity.

"The executive order is really a down payment -- a down payment on a lot of the hard work that [has been done]. There are things the executive order can't do, such as direct agencies to do things they don't already have [the authority] to do in the first place. We definitely need Congress to act and update our laws so we can see progress in cybersecurity," he is quoted as saying.

"Within the White House itself, you can see the president is personally interested in this issue, as well as the chief of staff and the national security adviser. It has become a lot of the focus of our policy efforts. Internationally, you can see this, too. It's now not just about engineering arrangements ... it's an issue of statecraft and international diplomacy."