Google Glass Rooted -- Already

While Google Glass is only a few hands these days, someone has gone and rooted it late last week.

According to, developer Jay "Saurik" Freeman has found a way to give developers full control of the Android system used in Google Glass. But he admitted that he's unsure what gaining root access to Google Glass might allow.

One suggestion he told is that a rooted Google Glass device might store data to a local BlueTooth device rather than upload everything to Google's servers. Another might be to prevent Google from "bricking" the device is the user wants to sell it (which one early user tried to do on eBay).

According to another developer, Liam McLoughlin, has also found a way to root Google Glass.

It is unclear, howe3ver, whether either method will work on the consumer version of Google Glass, expected later this year.

Google has responded, in a way.

"Not to bring anybody down... but seriously... we intentionally left the device unlocked so you guys could hack it and do crazy fun shit with it," Google engineer Stephen Lau wrote. "I mean, FFS, you paid $1500 for it... go to town on it. Show me something cool."