Samsung Testing Millimeter-Wave Cellular For Its 5G Network

To test its new 5G network, Samsung is reportedly using new millimeter-wave cellular technology.

As previously reported by DeviceLine, Samsung is thinking ahead and designing its new 5G cellular phones. In order to test that, they also need to build a test network. According to Technology Review that test network now exists in New York and Texas.

"The Samsung technology relies on 28-gigahertz frequencies, which can carry commensurately more data but can be blocked by buildings, people, foliage, and even rainfall. Samsung says it has greatly mitigated these problems by sending data over as many as 64 streams from 64 antennas, dynamically shaping how the signal is divided up, and even controlling the direction in which it is sent, making changes in tens of nanoseconds in response to changing conditions (among other features, it can catch stray reflections of signals that had bounced off an obstruction)."

"Last summer, an academic lab, NYU Wireless, part of the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, did performance tests for Samsung in New York City and Austin, Texas, and found that the technology, which is also known as millimeter-wave cellular, could work well even 200 meters away from the transmitter, and even in a cluttered environment."