In Four Years Mobile Devices Will Outnumber Humans, Predicts Study

This year 1.86 billion mobile phones will be sold around the world, according to one survey. Play that out and in four years there will be more mobile devices than humans.

According to CCS Insight, smartphones for the first eclipsed the combined number of feature and "dumb" phones int he first three months of 2013. CCS predicts smartphone penetration will reach 80 percent by 2015. Currently we're at only 50 percent. But growth in North America and Europe will slow. The greatest increases will be in emerging markets.

Predicted sales of 2.1billion units globally by 2017 will be a 2.5x increase over sales in 2012.

"Having defined the modern smartphone era," director of forcasting at CCS Marina Koytcheva told the International Business Times, "Apple is struggling to keep up with overall smartphone market growth, particularly as that growth shifts toward emerging markets. Apple will have to choose between sustaining its profit margin and holding onto market share."

Koytcheva continues: "Android on the other hand is highly dependent on Samsung. As profit margins are squeezed Google will need to ensure Android remains a viable choice for other phone-makers."