MAP Version 2.5.6 Adds True Per App VPN and Other New Security Features to iOS 7 Apps

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., October 3, 2013 – Solidifying its lead in the mobile enterprise security market, Mocana today announced an enhanced version of its industry-leading Mobile App Protection™ (MAP™) solution, the first commercially available app wrapping security solution for iOS 7 apps ( The new MAP version 2.5.6 enables enterprises to add strong security features to iOS 7 apps in seconds, and enhances Mocana's Secure Enterprise Browser with additional configurability and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. These features secure enterprise apps and data more effectively than competing approaches, especially when a device is jailbroken or infected with malware.

In addition to SSO, MAP version 2.5.6 enhances secure mobile browsing with support for government Suite B algorithms and expanded VPN gateway interoperability with additional RFC support. These enhancements help enterprises provide seamless access to sensitive data across all of their Android™ and iOS devices, even those not managed by a mobile device management (MDM) solution. New MAP capabilities are deployed without requiring enterprise IT to write a single line of code, integrate an SDK, or be a security expert.

"Mocana is excited by the direction that Apple is taking with iOS 7. Our new release of MAP builds on these advances to provide the extra protection our enterprise customers need," said Kurt Stammberger, CISSP, vice president of market development at Mocana.

iOS 7 apps and their data are vulnerable when a device is jailbroken because those apps rely on a system-level keychain and communications stack. MAP wraps its own keychain and TCP/IP stack directly into enterprise apps, making them much tougher to crack. Furthermore, MAP’s app wrapping enables true per app VPNs, which go beyond iOS 7’s built-in capabilities. Per app VPNs enable apps to launch separate, simultaneous encrypted tunnels that terminate at the individual app instead of at the device perimeter.

The secure enterprise browser in MAP version 2.5.6 can also be used with Android devices. In addition to introducing SSO and customization, MAP’s robust security features include FIPS 140-2 data-at-rest encryption, per app VPN capability, copy/paste protections, and data wipe. With this latest version of MAP, enterprises can easily balance browser functionality, such as disabling external sites, with browser security. Enterprises can deploy the browser across an extended enterprise in a kiosk mode, where it is pinned to a single site, or they can customize the browser to provide one-click access to multiple web apps and intranet sites for employees.

The capabilities in MAP 2.5.6 enable enterprises to give employees and partners access to sensitive enterprise content on networks, Sharepoint servers, corporate intranet sites, web apps, and portals in just minutes, while still protecting data. Enterprises can securely mobilize sensitive internal data, even to devices not managed on their MDM solution.
As a global reseller of MAP, SAP offers Mocana’s solution as the SAP Mobile App Protection solution by Mocana. SAP shares the following insight into this newest Mocana offering:
"We are pleased to see Mocana continue to roll out valuable improvements to its core MAP offering, and we look forward to exciting new capabilities in the future," said Senthil Krishnapillai, global vice president and head of Mobile Secure Group, Business Information Technology, SAP. "We expect that iOS 7 support and the ability to place limits on which sites can be accessed by the MAP secure browser can greatly enhance its market applicability. Together with the other MAP features, we anticipate it will offer a fast, simple way to securely provide access to existing intranet data and systems from virtually any mobile device."

The Mocana MAP solution accelerates wide-scale deployment of enterprise mobile apps by easily and reliably adding a security shield to any mobile app in seconds using true app security automation. By decoupling app security implementation from core app development, enterprises can focus on real business innovation and deployment at scale.