Large Ad Library Threatens Android Apps

Researchers this week disclosed a large ad library of ads that are present in 2 percent of apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times already.

According to FireEye, the company that blogged about the discovery, Google has been notified. To describe the library (which they will not name) FireEye is using the term "vulnaggressive" to describe this class of vulnerable and aggressive advertising and is nicking this library "vulna" for short.

The company wrote "[r]ecently FireEye discovered a new mobile threat from a popular ad library that no other antivirus or security vendor has reported publicly before. Mobile ad libraries are third-party software included by host apps in order to display ads. Because this library’s functionality and vulnerabilities can be used to conduct large-scale attacks on millions of users, we refer to it anonymously by the code name “Vulna” rather than revealing its identity in this blog."