iOS Apps Have Security Vulnerabilities

In a new study, Hewlett-Packard examined more than 2,000 mobile apps from more than 600 companies to ascertain the state of mobile application security. The data revealed alarming realities regarding the sheer number of apps vulnerable to attack, as well as the most common and easily addressable vulnerability errors.

An astounding 9 in 10 of the tested mobile apps revealed some form of serious vulnerability. Ninety-seven percent of the apps inappropriately accessed private information sources within a device. Seventy-five percent of the apps do not use proper encryption techniques when storing data on device. Another 86% of the apps tested lacked the means to protect themselves from common exploits, such as misuse of encrypted data, cross-site scripting and insecure transmission of data.

"By prioritizing security early in the application development, security flaws can be resolved before deployment," Maria Bledsoe, HP senior manager for product marketing, told eWEEK.

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