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DeviceLine Radio: Simon Crosby On Mini-Virtualization

Posted by Robert Vamosi on 2/6/14 11:10 PM | Estimated Reading Time:

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This radio show originally aired on November 5, 2013.

Today my guest is Simon Crosby, CTO and co-founder of Bromium.

Virtualization, the means by which you can run another operating system or another instance of your own operating system on a single piece of hardware. That concept has security potential when you start to isolate each executable on a desktop to run within its own virtual environment. But what if we extend that to the mobile world. And conversely, what if we take what we learn from the mobile world and extend it back to the desktop world. That’s the work that Simon’s doing at Bromium.

Simon was among the world-class speakers at the upcoming Amphion Forum in San Francisco on December 12 and 13, an event hosted by Mocana and presented by SAP, Forrester Research and Codenomicon.

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