Around IoT World in Two Days

We, Mocana, went around IoT World for 80…no, for 2 days, and had a grand old time. It was a packed house and a packed booth.  There is currently so much buzz and energy around the IoT space, it is almost palpable. We had the benefit of having our booth right at the center of the floor, close to the main IoT World stages. This helped with foot traffic in general, and also made it easier for our partners and clients to find us. We had many vendors stop by who heard about us directly through our customers who told them they use our solution and came out of curiosity just to see what we were all about. We must have looked extra approachable, as we got this one very intelligent man who wrote a textbook (did not know textbooks still existed!) for industrial electronics. He wanted to add an IoT section to bring the book up to date for classes and wanted to collaborate with us to write that. I should have suggested to use this blog as a main resource; after all, it is written by the most brilliant minds in IoT security. Click here for our Industrial IoT whitepaper.


Our booth was hit up by many potential partners, some competitors, and lots of investors. My whole team of booth-ers found that there were an abnormally high number of venture capitalists, investors and M&A folks out and about the whole floor. IoT is hot, and they are not going to miss out on any money-making opportunities. All of the 5 VCs and M&A reps I personally got to talk to were engaged, incredibly inquisitive about how our software actually works, and very interested in who our major clients were. Maybe IoT companies are going to be the next Snapchat or Whatsapp in this next-generation, integrated society we live in.

The highest interest in IoT was around analytics and the IoT platform. SAP, Avnet, Microsoft all had huge presences at the show. Itron, Silver Springs Networks, Ingenu, SigFox, Cambium Networks and Spirent Communications are leveraging the wireless networks to support IoT deployments. Almost every large corporation has some sort of IoT initiative in the works right now; focusing dollars and energy into IoT is the only way current powerhouse companies are going to stay relevant, as we lay the groundwork for the connected world. As more and more things get connected, all our information, from our credit card information, to the color of your eyes, to where you went for lunch, will be exposed to the world. Nothing is truly private, and that is why security within the IoT space is so crucial. This is where Mocana comes in. Mocana is in a very strategic place; we provide safety and protection on IoT devices so that it is harder to get to information you want to keep private. It is time for Mocana to shine and shine, we will.

Peace out. For cereal.

(Sorry, i know the photo is crooked, but it was the best one of us...)