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Who was the Man at "MAN"uSec 2016? None Other than Mocana's own CTO!

By Yeri Chang | 10/14/16 1:43 PM

It’s like I brought the rain back with me from Chicago! Anyways…

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Mocana Journeys to the Windy City to Engage with Manufacturers

By Yeri Chang | 10/7/16 6:00 AM

Mocana will be present in a huge way at 2016 ManuSec USA: Cyber Security for Critical Manufacturing. Mocana’s very own CTO, Dean Weber, will be speaking on embedding security onto all of your connected devices and how Mocana is spearheading great security technology to pave the way into a more secure world!

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Predix Transform 2016 Recap: Fighting 110 Degree Heat to Secure Industrial IoT

By Yeri Chang | 7/28/16 11:52 AM

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas will definitely not be the impact of GE’s Predix Transform Conference that was held from July 25-27 at the Cosmopolitan. It was obvious that GE has invested large sums of cash and time and expertise into the Predix Machine. We got to interface with key GE business units, including but not exclusive to GE Aviation, Oil and Gas, Lighting, Healthcare, Ventures, Global Research, Digital…the list goes on and on. We had two of GE’s very own security team help us promote at our booth and we had great traction. The star of our booth, however, was our very nifty giveaways: the webcam cover! Deloitte Digital team came by for thirds; however, the conversations we had with them were definitely more interesting. Deloitte Digital is working with smart devices and aligning their services with Industrial IoT and Smart Cities. Largely known as a consulting firm, we were surprised to hear that there is a strong team of engineers building hardware for IoT.

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#minipeter Going About Town

By Yeri Chang | 6/10/16 11:48 AM

Happy Beautiful Friday, San Francisco!

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Around IoT World in Two Days

By Yeri Chang | 5/16/16 5:28 PM

We, Mocana, went around IoT World for 80…no, for 2 days, and had a grand old time. It was a packed house and a packed booth.  There is currently so much buzz and energy around the IoT space, it is almost palpable. We had the benefit of having our booth right at the center of the floor, close to the main IoT World stages. This helped with foot traffic in general, and also made it easier for our partners and clients to find us. We had many vendors stop by who heard about us directly through our customers who told them they use our solution and came out of curiosity just to see what we were all about. We must have looked extra approachable, as we got this one very intelligent man who wrote a textbook (did not know textbooks still existed!) for industrial electronics. He wanted to add an IoT section to bring the book up to date for classes and wanted to collaborate with us to write that. I should have suggested to use this blog as a main resource; after all, it is written by the most brilliant minds in IoT security. Click here for our Industrial IoT whitepaper.

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Mocana Security Helps Avaya Take on Government Orgs

By Yeri Chang | 5/10/16 9:49 AM

Mocana is taking on IoT! After our press release with Avaya on April 18, 2016, the Avaya team posted a blog about how their partnership with Mocana is enabling them to increase security assurances for the internet of things. Our FIPS certified cryptographic engine has been key to aiding clients expand their reach to government organizations.

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Mocana Recap: Chillin' at Samsung Developer's Conference 2016

By Yeri Chang | 5/9/16 3:58 PM

Team Mocana seized the day and some swag (as one of our engineers put it) a week and a half ago at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. I walked into the office on Monday morning and saw one of our engineers decked out in a Samsung sweater, holding a Samsung bag, using a Samsung umbrella, and covering himself in a Samsung blanket, that I thought it worthy enough to dedicate an entire blog post to.

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