We Rocked our Black Hats at BlackHat 2016!


Mandalay Bay was bustling with people due to two major events: BlackHat 2016 and PetZoo 2016. I saw a Tibetan Mastiff resting by the food court surrounded by various doggy treat vendors! I wish man’s best friend could have joined us at BlackHat. The canines would have attracted even more security experts to our booth! Who can resist those puppy eyes?

Mocana’s booth had many visitors who enjoyed our little wood labyrinth giveaway, and many tried to finish the maze. Those who successfully completed the maze got a Mocana-branded black fedora hat as a prize, which was totally appropriate for this grand occasion. Congratulations!

Mocana Wooden Labyrinth First Winner!

Here is our main takeaway: many companies feel the urgency to find an IoT security solution but do not know the right approach. We spoke to many life-critical device OEMs about the Security of Things Platform, and how we offer a smart solution that allows standardization of security across all devices. As you heard and saw, there are many security vendors that do ONE TYPE of security (for example, only SSL or only Cryptography) but not many offers a comprehensive security package that could be used in various environments.


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