DefCon 24: The Drone Wars, Episode I


DefCon 24 kicked off right after BlackHat and Mocana sent two of our very own engineers to learn everything they could about hacking everything they can.

One of our engineers got caught up playing a game of Drone Wars with some of the attendees at DefCon, and we are proud to say, despite some turbulence and mechanical (or maybe pilot) issues, our team made it to round 2!

DefCon was filled with “how-to” sessions: how to hack ATMs, how to hack cars, etc. It’s no wonder so many people are confused about how to secure their devices. This may be the best example of the paradox of choice and too much information. However, do not fret! Mocana is coding up a storm to make sure that we give people great embedded security options. Click here to learn more!

DefCon focused heavily this year on hardware based attacks, especially as it is getting easier and easier to hack into software-based security products. Although Mocana is not a hardware vendor, we are working tirelessly to develop new technology that can help protect the hardware layer. Next steps are to figure out how to integrate some of Mocana’s solutions into that drone, so that all the hackers at DefCon 25 can’t get into it and start flying it recklessly.

Stay tuned to learn more about what Mocana is working on and how we will change the IoT security industry.