Introducing....*drum roll*...#MINIPETER!

Hello World!

My name is #minipeter and I am the portable, skinnier, A-grade cardboard version of Mocana Chief Revenue Officer, Peter Graham! *applause*


First, I would like to thank Mocana Marketing Team for my existence. In an attempt to fill the void of CRO when he is on business trips, I was introduced to the world at Mocana's June 2016 offsite meeting, to the glee of all of Mocana's employees. (By the way, if you are interested in NanoSSL, please feel free to email Mocana at any time,


This is just the start of my adventures. Join me, #minipeter, as I make the world a more secure place. For those of you in San Francisco, don't be afraid to come find me as i'm off in one of my excursions and we will together, secure the world, one device at a time!


Till next time,