Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 11

Roundup Ed 11This week's Roundup has multiple articles on how smartphone apps have upgraded security and communication between others.

From adblocking to hotel apps to allow instant walkie-talkie communication, there are so many chances to take advantage of the smartphone world.

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, there are ways to protect your smartphone from malware and spyware, and some of these articles chronicle that very effectively.

To read more on these interesting topics, see below: 

 "New Walkie-Talkie Mobile App Helps Hotel Security" 

This article explains how FCS Computer Systems has introduced a mobile app that can make your phone instantly like a walkie-talkie. With the many smartphone updates, this helps hotels with dispatching and communicating throughout. The app is called m-2Talk, and it has melded the old with the new and made secure connections.

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 "What Your 99 Cents Gets You For Buying An iOS Adblocking App: Adverts"


Marco Arment, developer of the Peace adblocker, had an app that rose to the top of the Apple store and recently allowed users to "add ad-blocking extensions for the first time." While that was pulled, a new app called Crystal is only .99 cents and has a "whitelisting" deal that allows some apps to pass through. 

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"Why Solving the App Gap is Essential for Enterprise Mobility to Prevail


According to a survey, did you know that "employees with mobile access to critical workflows increase their productivity by 50%?" Enterprise employees now bring an average of 3 devices into the workplace regularly. This article outlines three emerging soutions to solve the app gap.  

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"5 Ways to Keep Your iPhone Secure"

Business Insider Australia

This article outlines 5 good ways to keep your iPhone secure. Although the new update to iOS 9 has solved some bugs, keep in mind it is always safer to have a 6 digit passcode. It goes step-by-step and shows screenshots, including using passcodes and fingerprint authentication to keep your iPhone more secure than before.  

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 "Top 5 Security Apps for Android Phones"


Let's not have Android phones be left out, either--as this article indicates, the number of smartphone users is "expected to reach the 2.5 billion mark worldwide." This article outlines some valuable apps you can use to help protect your phone from malware and spyware. 

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