Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 12

Roundup Ed 12This week's Roundup is beginning to look toward 2015's accomplishments and trends in enterprise mobile security.

The need to regulate, protect and manage mobile devices is becoming undeniable, and more and more executives need to pay attention to keeping these devices secure. 

In the articles, trends and questions are explored, including which mechanism is best to unlock your phone under which circumstances.

Also, a story about a Facebook glitch from the archaic flip-phone era emerges as two people who didn't know each other got married. As the article states, it's a millennial's "fairy tale" come true. As mobility progresses, we will see more and more of these connection stories through social media and other outlets. While this story has a happy ending, we should be aware of such social media vulnerabilities to prevent identity thefts and/or privacy violations.

To read more on these interesting topics, see below: 

 "Big Mobile App Development Trends In 2015"

Lifehacker India 

The past year, app development has been sped up to make better apps in less time. This article details the many trends that have occurred in app development this year so far and includes security measures, use of app analytics and location-based services. All of this is in effort to give a more holistic and personalized experience for the user. 

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 "Facebook glitch leads to marriage"


In a crazy turn of events from 2009, Schuler Benson and Celeste Zendler had never met, lived in two different states and had no mutual contacts. Then, from a glitch that started with a flip-phone, it logged Schuler into Celeste's account. Read the endearing turn of events that leads to them dating and eventually getting married.

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"Unlocking Smartphones: PINs, Patterns or Fingerprints?

eSecurity Planet

This article explores which is "the best" unlocking feature to choose that has "the most appropriate balance of security and convenience." There are clearly pros and cons to using PINs, patterns and fingerprints. PINs and patterns have been shown to be very predictable so people remember them, and fingerprints can be spoofed. 

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"Four ways mobile app management helps IT admins and end users"


Compared to mobile device management (MDM), mobile app management (MAM) "offers IT granular control" and allows users to keep work and personal data separate, which is often very desired for those who bring their own device. This article delves into how IT can use MAM to facilitate processes with end-users and other admins. 

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 "10 questions you should ask about mobile security"


Interesting research from NowSecure shows that "43 percent of smartphones don't have a password." Even with the amount of mobility in our world, doing so in the enterprise requires "being proactive" and being knowledgeable about the scope of threats at hand. This article shows 10 top questions any executive should be asking to help prevent mobile threats and attacks.  

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