Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 19


The proliferation of connected devices and ghost security means continued flawed security for mobile.

It is projected that 50 million smart devices are going to be sold over the holiday season alone! 

Where are these smart devices going to be bought? Why, from smartphones, of course!

But beware if you're using shopping apps such as Amazon--our article from Cambridge Network details some insightful risks and security flaws from BYOD devices. 

As we continue into shopping mania, we advise you shop carefully, and stay updated on risks that may emerge from your holiday presents. 

To read more on these topics, check out our links for the Roundup below:

 "Ghost Security uncover hidden smartphone app used by Islamic State to spread propaganda"

It has been uncovered that the Islamic State had an app created for Android smartphones. This allowed Jihadists to "watch beheading videos and speeches delivered by leaders within the terrorist organisation." This was found during an online search for IS-related propaganda. 

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"Employee holiday gift shopping could create data security risks for enterprises

Cambridge Network

A Flexera Software application readiness report has shown risks for enterprises "whose employees use popular Apple iOS apps... to conduct holiday shopping on company-issued or 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) phones." This article emphasizes how IT operations teams don't understand who has access to what mobile data, and this can impact BYOD policies. 

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 "'Hello Barbie' Can Be Hacked, Security Experts Warn

Food World News

The mobile app for a Hello Barbie Doll, made by Mattel, "has security flaws and can be penetrated by hackers which can compromise the privacy and safety of children playing with it." Hackers gain the ability to eavesdrop on children and their communication with the doll, and "can even manipulate the message that the talking toy can give." This has drawn concerns from many, and the article details what measures have been taken to reassure parents. 

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"Security and privacy checklist for smart devices: 50 million to be sold over holidays"


With how many security breaches have occurred, the non-profit Online Trust Alliance has (OTA) has compiled a checklist to help avoid privacy abuses that can get your device hacked. This can be anything from fitness trackers to slow cookers and lightbulbs, and as a result of the Internet, these can have many security flaws. The article contains tips on how to be more careful about your devices this holiday season. 

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