Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 7

Roundup_Ed_7Our 7th edition of the Mocana News Roundup features revealing articles on iPhone and baby monitoring hacking, mobile security and mobile app creation.

The way we communicate evolves with every sign in, text or update; so, too, should the ways we protect ourselves when connected. The biggest factor in mobile security isn't a good password or security app, but human awareness. 

Users that know their devices and how to use them securely stand the best chance against malicious activity or leaked data. Keep reading to learn how data security and mobile applications are changing the way we use the Web:

 "Mobile Security Challenges In The Age of Digital Business"


Digital business has made the "fast and fluid switching" of "personal and professional worlds" blurred. While enterprises are making great strides toward security, discrepancies still exist: people, process and technology according to this Forbes article. While these gaps are between enterprise mobility and effective security remain, there are solutions and ways to mitigate the issues that come with mobility. 

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 "The mobile app revolution has barely begun"


It's true that mobile devices remain "largely user-driven, email-oriented" and pose risk despite the advancements to enterprise mobility apps. Many exist, but users instead "find and employ their own," and this is largely due to convenience and usability. This article from InfoWorld explores Microsoft's Office 365 subscription suite and compares it to Apple's iWork suite, as well as Apple's plan to make iPad more enterpise accessible. Unfortunately, IT departments don't have access or resources to creating good mobile apps, which is where the issue of furthering this technology stems from in the enterprise. 

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"Over 225,000 Apple iPhone Accounts Hacked by New Malware

Top Tech News

Top Tech News is calling it "what could the biggest Apple hack ever;" over 225,000 iPhone accounts, private keys and purchase receipts have leaked, due to the new malware program, KeyRaider. The culprits behind the malware sought to use information to download paid apps and make in-app purchases using stolen accounts. While jailbreaking an iPhone can give users access to several apps not hosted in the app store, doing so comes with disadvantages. The KeyRaider malware (and many other malware programs) targeted jailbroken iPhones specifically.

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"10 Ways to Secure Your Mobile Device"

CPA Practice Advisor

If you're like most Americans, you don't just use your mobile device every day - you use it every 10 minutes. Downloading apps, checking emails and skimming through social media have become commonplace activities everywhere, from home to the coffee shop. This constant connection, however, comes at a price: data security. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your devices on the go. CPA Practice Advisor rounds up 10 of the most effective ways to secure your mobile device during everyday use.

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 "Web baby-monitoring cameras open to hacking, study warns"

BBC News

A recent study by US-based Rapid7 states that even basic hacking techniques can compromise WiFi-enabled baby-monitoring cameras. Once connected to cameras, hackers can potentially use the connection as a launchpad to reach other devices throughout a home. In the study, it was found that several monitor manufacturers listed unchangeable access passwords in the monitor manuals - which could be found and downloaded online instantly.

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