Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 8

Roundup_Ed_8On this week's Roundup, the evaluation of innovation standards and breached messaging apps is on the docket. It's important to know where you are downloading your applications from and the risk it poses, especially if they are not in the Apple or Android app stores.

No company board or individual in a corporation should be exempt from being checked for cybercrime incidents. While both healthcare and transportation have seen considerable jumps due to the Internet of Things (IoT), there are still leaps and bounds to go to enforce security.

Also, the idea of how we see innovation in the 21st century is explored in an article from Forbes.

Interestingly enough, our 2000 goal set by Congress for unmanned ground combat vehicles was not met, yet we got to the moon in about 9 years.

To read more on these topics to see if you might be at risk, keep reading below:

 "WhatsApp security flaw puts 200m web app users at risk"

The Telegraph

A web-based version of the WhatsApp messaging app "could allow hackers to trick users into downloading malware on their PCs." The popular smartphone app "recently announced that it had reached 900m active users a month," so this breach could be huge. All the attacker needs is a phone number associated with their account to target. 

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 "How the Internet of Things is changing healthcare and transportation"


While the Internet of Things has shown to be revolutionary with technology like FitBit and Apple Watch, it is also relevant for the enterprise as well. Both healthcare and transportation has been propelled and meet their business goals in each business industry, respectively. For healthcare, this means improved patient care and drug management with a caveat on security issues still being prevalent. For transportation, it is the "widespread adoption of GPS" that has made it difficult for enterprise adoption, but things like improved emergency services has helped reduce delays and fatalities. 

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"Driverless Cars, Analytics and Tough Standards for 21st Century Innovation


This article explores whether we are changing the way we look at "innovation." Our goal for Congress in the United States was "by 2015, one-third of the operational ground combat vehicles are unmanned." While we didn't reach that goal, it's interesting to ask why that is. It is tough standards, as the author states, that constitutes the "three requirements for innovation." 

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"The week in security: Mobile app security, board oversight questioned as cybercrime guile grows"


The need for small companies to protect themselves against cybercrime incidents is very important-- no company board should be exempt, as mentioned in this CSO article. Beware of multiple new LinkedIn connections, as "an intelligence-gathering campaign has been targeting security practitioners to map out the professional networks of IT security experts."

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 "Data Privacy Is an Uphill Battle"

Government Technology

There are many issues that pervade the digital world; in particular, this is knowing "how much digital data makes its way from smartphone apps or an Internet-connected PC to data brokers and digital advertisers." Although location monitoring for devices to monitor digital footprints has come out, the rapid release of mobile smartphones has made regulating them difficult. Downloading habits and other common habits like two-factor authentication are not practiced at the user's peril. 

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