Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 9

Roundup_Ed_8It is an exciting update-filled week in this Roundup.

With the release of iOS 9 and the continued mobile-payment app security debate, this content is jam-packed with knowledge and security insights. 

As we progress in our digital transformations, it is clear that security measures need to be taken into account more regularly.

Due to Apple Pay and increased automation in computer systems, ramping up mobile security and other device strategies are essential moving forward.

This includes cars, too, in an informative and data-filled infographic from PT&CLWG. 

To read more on these topics to see if you might be at risk, keep reading below: 

 "NSA opens up about data security tools"


This article is actually accompanied by a podcast in which surname "Blank," from the NSA discusses "SCAP, the Security Content Automation Protocol for security automation compliance and establishing normalized pass/fail reports for security controls." Also explored is the idea that SCAP encompasses automation, and the elimination of manual work for maintaining security which can be more costly and take more time.

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 "Companion: The Security Mobile App with a Human Touch for Real Estate Agents and other People on the Go"

Realty Today

Companion is an app designed by five students at the University of Michigan that helps students walking on campuses late at night-- as the article states, it protects you by enabling you to "send your present location and final destination through a text message to a family member, a friend or any person of your choice." It explains the helpfulness for real estate agents and how Smart Triggers can alert your companions you list on the app to connect with. 

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"Six-Digit Passcodes: Two Small Steps for Smartphones, One Giant Leap for Mobile Security

Security Intelligence

The new iOS 9 update to iPhones has shown a greatly improved security measure: six-digit passcodes instead of four. This means great leaps for preventing cybercriminals, making "1 million possible combinations versus the previous 10,000." There are great and insightful statistics to businesses, especially for BYOD policies in this article. 

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"How Vulnerable To Hackers Are Mobile-Payment Apps?"


The way to pay has become so multilayered-- from debit cards, Google Wallet and Apple Pay, it's worth looking into to see how secure these apps really are. The Clearing House report "raises legitimate concerns," and explores what methods regular apps undergo for security versus major banks. While payments have become convenient with these new apps, it's clear that they are not as secure as they should be, and in fact, have many vulnerabilities that put their users at risk. 

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 "The Most Hackable Cars on the Road"


Did you know that cars that carry the highest risk to digital threat "tend to have the most features networked together?" This article has a telling infographic of the most and least hackable cars, as well as how it is possible for hackers to conduct electronic hacking. There are estimated "20 to 70 computers within any given car system." Is your car on this list? 

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