November is an Event Churner: Germany, Chicago and San Francisco


November is a busy month for the IoT World, and there are many events happening! 

Infineon Electronica Conference will be held in Germany next week. Many industries comprise the world of IoT, such as smart devices in homes, cars, manufacturing plants, and healthcare. Infineon is a leader in products surrounding secure semiconductors, and we worked with Infineon's TPM chip and created key provisioning software to make sure we got your mission-critical devices covered down to the root level. Mocana's CTO, Dean Weber, will be a panelist and speaker at the conference so please be sure to check him out! 

We will be in San Francisco the following week for GE's Minds + Machines Conference on November 15-17th. As the official preferred security vendor for GE's Predix Platform, Mocana will have a booth on the floor! Mocana's Security of Things Platform is the most comprehensive and provides the highest level of security for industrial control systems. Mocana provides security to any device level in any environment. There will be a whole team of Mocana-ites at the boot, so please come by for more information!

At the same time as GE Minds and Machines, we will also be represented at Insurance IoT Conference in Chicago on November 16-17th. As more car components are IP-connected, cars are becoming smarter. Mocana sees the importance of securing the vehicles' connectivity as well as stored information that reside in various systems in the vehicle. Mocana's CTO, Dean Weber, will be presenting at the Connected Vehicle track of the show. 

The week after Thanksgiving : ) Hopefully all of this travel and knowledge in your brain will wear you out to really enjoy the nice, fat turkey. 

Till next time!

Mocana Marketing Team