Cognitive Radio 4G To Be Tested In Florida

By Robert Vamosi | 10/10/12 2:48 AM

What if we would use all the unused radio frequencies more efficiently. The military currently does that, and soon a new commercial project will be tested in rural Florida.

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Juniper Exec: 4G Devices Bringing Malware with Speed

By JDavis | 6/21/10 9:53 AM

A recent Network World article describes the new security vulnerabilities posed by the latest smartphone technologies -- specifically the new, high-speed 4G mobile networks. Because today's smartphones have processors, storage capacities and network connection speeds that nearly rival those of PCs, they are becoming increasingly subject to the same malware and security threats that have long afflicted the PC market.

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Cisco Projects Mobile Traffic to Grow to >3.6 Exabytes per Month.

By JDavis | 2/15/10 9:40 AM

A recent article on the New York Times "Bits" blog described the findings of a newly released report by Cisco Systems, forecasting the growth in mobile data traffic:

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Mocana Releases Mobile Industry's First LTE/3GPP/4G Security Solution

By JDavis | 10/12/09 11:59 AM

Mocana announced first shipments of NanoCert LTE, the mobile industry's first software developer's solution focused on securing LTE / 3GPP / 4G infrastructure devices like eNodeB base stations and Serving Gateways.

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