Firmware Integrity Verification

By Robert Vamosi | 6/23/11 7:48 AM

At the CanSecWest sewcurity conference last March, researchers demonstrated ways to mitigate an attack on the firmware of a Broadcom NetXtreme network adaptor.

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Blackberry Users Advised to Turn Off Javascript

By JDavis | 3/24/11 6:05 AM

According to Blackberry's manufacturer, Research In Motion (RIM), a vulnerability in the open source WebKit browser engine could make remote code execution possible on some models. If exploited, an attacker would be able to read or write to the built-in media storage section of a BlackBerry or to the media card, but would not gain access to user data that the email, calendar and contact applications stored in the phone. Nonetheless, the manufacturer is recommending that Blackberry users disable Javascript as a precaution.

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