Study: Personal Electronic Devices Already Used on Airplanes

By Robert Vamosi | 9/11/12 3:02 AM

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is launching an investigation into the feasibility of portable electronic devices (PEDs) use on commercial airlines. “With so many different types of devices available, we recognize that this is an issue of consumer interest,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in a press release. But people are already using their devices and airplanes are not falling out of the skies according to one set of reserachers.

In a Wall Street Journal article researchers Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris cite a survey of 492 American adults where 40 percent said they don't fully turn off their electronic devices, 7 percent left their phones on, and 2 percent continued to use their device despite dire warnings from the stewards. They report "If personal electronics are really as dangerous as the FAA rules suggest, navigation and communication would be disrupted every day on domestic flights. But we don't see that."

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