Amphion Forum at CES 2011 Highlights the Migration to a Cyber Society Enabled by Smart Devices and the Internet of Things—Risks and Opportunities Ahead

By Robert Vamosi | 1/13/11 6:24 AM

Adrian Turner
CEO, Mocana

Last week, we wrapped up our first Amphion Forum – a closed-door (no media allowed) event on the final weekday at CES 2011 where executives from Citrix, Google, IBM, Intel, Motorola, and Symantec as well as representatives from the Federal sector gathered to discuss the opportunities and threats posed by the emerging trillion-dollar “smart device” economy.

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The Ten Trends in Business Tech

By JDavis | 8/10/10 1:07 PM

As long as there has been business, it has been shaped by the technological landscape surrounding it. Now that the information age has dawned and the seemingly limitless possibilities of technology are being realized daily, how is business going to evolve and grow in an age where almost anything goes?

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Ford's Planned "App Store for Cars" Raises Security Concerns

By JDavis | 6/10/10 10:35 AM

We've previously reported on the security vulnerabilities found in modern, computer-controlled and network-connected cars, as well as the move by auto companies toward new technologies such as cloud computing and mobile app technology.

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