Houston Hyatt Hotel Onity Locks Hacked

By Robert Vamosi | 11/28/12 3:36 AM

Houston police have arrested a 27-year-old in connection with a series of robberies at at the Hyatt House Galleria last September. The hotel says the alleged thief used the Onity hotel lock vulnerability to gain entry to its rooms.

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Onity Hotel Lock Attack Perfected

By Robert Vamosi | 8/28/12 6:43 AM

When Cody Brocious defeated Onity hotel locks last July in a feat of hardware hacking the timing of his device was off creating a one in three chance he could actually open a given lock.

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A Hotel Lock Vulnerability Fixed - With A Cost

By Robert Vamosi | 8/20/12 6:22 AM

On a special Day Zero Briefing at Black Hat USA, Mozilla software developer Cody Brocious demonstrated how a device that cost less than $50 can crack the encryption used by Onity, one of the larger hotel room lock vendors. Now Onity has proposed a solution, but with a cost.

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Hotel Key Cards Can Be Defeated

By Robert Vamosi | 7/24/12 4:43 AM

A security researcher has found that key cards used on more than 4 million hotel room doors worldwide may be vulnerable to attack.

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