Chipmakers Entering the Connected Device Market

By JDavis | 1/13/11 11:53 PM

As the Internet of Things continues to expand, with a constantly evolving stream of new devices connecting to the internet, chip manufacturers are preparing new offerings designed for products completely outside the usual applications of PCs and mobile phones.

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Amphion Forum at CES 2011 Highlights the Migration to a Cyber Society Enabled by Smart Devices and the Internet of Things—Risks and Opportunities Ahead

By Robert Vamosi | 1/13/11 6:24 AM

Adrian Turner
CEO, Mocana

Last week, we wrapped up our first Amphion Forum – a closed-door (no media allowed) event on the final weekday at CES 2011 where executives from Citrix, Google, IBM, Intel, Motorola, and Symantec as well as representatives from the Federal sector gathered to discuss the opportunities and threats posed by the emerging trillion-dollar “smart device” economy.

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BMWs to Get Always-On Connectivity From AT&T

By JDavis | 1/11/11 12:07 AM

Automobiles have been playing an increasingly significant role in the Internet of Things, from GPS navigation systems to smartphone-connected entertainment consoles. And now, as reported on Engadget, AT&T has announced a partnership with BMW to provide always-on wireless connectivity to future automobile models.

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VIDEO: Freescale Explores Connected Intelligence

By JDavis | 12/29/10 6:06 AM

In a stunning new video, Freescale Semiconductor offers their vision of the emerging era of connected, smart technology--what they refer to as the "world without PCs."

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Smart-car Apps Bring Security Concerns

By JDavis | 9/6/10 3:42 PM

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald looks at the increasing presence of networked technology and software in the automobiles of the near future, as well as the security and safety implications that come along with such inevitable advancements.

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Iceberg -- Dead Ahead

By JDavis | 8/29/10 9:24 AM

Smartphone security is hot again. But if we buy smartphone security "apps" and add-ons, are we just avoiding dealing with the real problem? Mocana's product team did a bottoms-up calculation of the connected devices that will be logging on the Internet of Things in the next 4 years - and guess what? Smartphones are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Connected Devices to Reach 1 Trillion

By JDavis | 3/29/10 5:39 PM

With over 20 billion devices connecting to networks around the world, the Internet of Things dwarfs the PC sector--and it's growing at breakneck speed.

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Mocana Presenting at 2010 RSA Conference

By JDavis | 1/17/10 2:07 PM

Mocana is pleased to announce our participation in the 2010 RSA Conference, taking place in San Francisco, March 1-5, 2010.

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Mobile Market Poised for Massive Expansion

By JDavis | 1/10/10 8:31 AM

Mobile broadband-connected consumer electronics devices -- personal navigation devices, personal media players, eBook readers, mobile gaming devices and mobile digital cameras -- are forecasted to reach 58 million total shipments in 2014. This is 55 times the amount shipped just six years prior.

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New Technology to Connect The Internet of Things

By JDavis | 1/10/10 8:29 AM

As the Internet of Things -- the 20 billion non-PC, network-conected devices ranging from household appliances and consumer devices to medical, industrial and utilities systems -- continues to expand, device and software manufacturers are faced with the challenge of how this vast array of devices and technologies can effectively communicate with each other.

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