FIPS Validated vs FIPS Compliant, What's The Difference?

July 18, 2014


A lot of companies are saying they are FIPS 140-2 compliant. This is not the same as saying they are FIPS 140-2 certified or validated. The differences are important to recognize.

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Why Diamonds May Be Quantum Computing's Best Friend

March 16, 2012

A new quantum memory scheme can store information for more than a second, far longer than the previous methods.

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Satphone Encryption Cracked

February 9, 2012

In places where cellular communications is not possible, satellite phones have been used. These include sites of war, third-world countries, and out atop the ocean blue. Now a team of German researchers have found that encryption used in the popular GMR-1 and GMR-2 phones is mathematically weak.

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Trojan Attacks on Quantum Cryptography

February 1, 2012

The security of device-independent quantum key distribution (QKD) has been called ineffective by a team of researchers.

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Wi-Fi Users Beware: Firesheep on the Loose in Your Gmail, Facebook, and Other Online Accounts

February 23, 2011

Firesheep, the latest threat to Wi-Fi users, is free, open source, and easy for even the intermediate user to figure out. In fact, over the past three months, more than 1 million individuals have downloaded Firesheep and have the ability to see what other Wi-Fi users on an unsecured network are doing.

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