Protecting The Digital Planet

February 18, 2020
By Srinivas Kumar
Chief Product Officer at Mocana Corporation

During the cold war, a new weapon was built to pierce any shield and for every new weapon a new shield was built that could not be pierced. This is the infinite game theory about will and resources, and who exhausts one or the other first and drops out of the game.

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Why Cybersecurity Matters When Targeting a New Market

May 31, 2019

For any business, simply being in a position to target and enter a new market is already a win. As everything gets more digitized, however, it is imperative for any new foray to be founded on a good understanding of the risks involved so that the business can proactively prepare for them. And in this day and age, cybersecurity risks are always front and center of any discussion for businesses venturing into new markets.

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South Korea Partially Paralyzed In Latest Cyber Attack

June 25, 2014

On Wednesday, banks and top TV broadcasters in South Korea mysteriously crashed midday.

Speculation centers around a cyber attack from North Korea, just days after that country said it no longer honors the armistice signed over 50 years ago separating the two Koreas. The United Nations and others are seeking to punish North Korea for its latest round of nuclear tests.

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Conflicting Accounts On Source Of ARAMCO Hack

June 25, 2014

Attribution is difficult, and that remains true with the latest crop of malware affecting Industrial Control Systems.

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Reuters: Saudi Oil Cyber Attack Used Insiders

June 24, 2014

A recent burst of cyber attacks directed at Middle Eastern oil companies may have been aided from the inside.

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