Report: Obama To Compromise On Cybersecurity Executive Order

October 24, 2012

Apparently President Obama is prepared to compromise on a executive order related to the Cybersecurty Act of 2012.

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Obama On CyberSecurity Threats

July 24, 2012

Barack Obama is concerned about CyberSecurity Threats and thinks the US Congress should be as well.

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Government Report Finds Smart Grid Security Inadequate

January 21, 2011

A new document from the U.S. Government Accountability Office--the auditing office of the U.S. Congress--assessing the current state of security of the rapidly deploying smart grid networks around the country finds that necessary built-in security features are often missing from the networks and the smart meters themselves.

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FINAL Federal Smart Grid Security Document Released

September 1, 2010

We've previously posted the in-progress drafts of the NIST Computer Security Division's smart grid security plan, Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security. It has now been released for public viewing in its final version, which is available in three volumes:

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The Smart Meter "Off Switch"

August 11, 2010

While the transition to Smart Grid technology brings with it the promises of energy conservation, and hopes to empower consumers with a higher awareness of their power consumption, many are concerned that with these benefits will also come key vulnerabilities to the electrical grid -- and for that matter, the safety of entire nations. In Britain, for example, researchers at Cambridge University have brought to light a vulnerability associated with plans to introduce "pre-paid" energy consumption for consumers with a history of defaulting on payment. The practice would require a standard remote shut-off scheme which, depending on encryption methods, might make it relatively easy for a malicious third party to disable meters remotely.

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