BP Spill Related to Control System Cyber Incidents

August 4, 2010

In the world of industrial control systems, safety and reliability are the prime concerns when malfunction could mean real-world disaster. A number of recent catastrophes have been linked to control system cyber incidents in the transit and utility industries, including the recent BP spill in the gulf.

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Government Introduces "Perfect Citizen"

July 8, 2010

The Wall Street Journal reports on a new computer network surveillance program being launched by the federal government. The project, dubbed "Perfect Citizen," will be led by the National Security Agency (NSA) who have already contracted defense heavyweights Raytheon for the project.

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Anti-Virus Software To Become Required for Internet Access?

June 24, 2010

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald details a new proposal put forward by the Australian parliament in an effort to fight cyber-crime and malicious computer viruses. The ambitious plan would require that consumers' PCs meet a set of security standards -- the presence of proper anti-virus and firewall software -- before their internet connections could be activated. In addition, ISPs would be mandated to notify users if their computers have become infected with a virus, and could ultimately disconnect them from the internet until the virus is removed.

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Nice Work if You Can Get It: Security Retrofit for 800 Million Smart Meters?

June 20, 2010

CNET News has published a comprehensive report on the state of smart grid security. In it, they detail the growing concerns among security experts that smart meter technology is being rapidly expanded around the world without the built-in security considerations necessary to protect the utility infrastructure -- and the people connected to it -- from serious cyber-crime.

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USAF Unveils "Cyberspace" Badge

May 18, 2010

The digital age calls for a new breed of heroes, and as world leaders anticipate that cyberspace will be the next great theater in the war on terror, the U.S. Air Force has stepped up to deliver a new set of wings for the chosen few who will fight for our nation's networks.

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