DHS Warns Of Tridium Niagara AX Framework Risk

By Robert Vamosi | 7/13/12 7:43 AM

The Department of Homeland Security today warned that software used to control or monitor medical devices, elevators, video cameras, or security systems was vulnerable to attack.

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Mocana Wins Federal Tech Conference Award for Innovation

By JDavis | 11/7/10 9:29 AM

Mocana, a company that focuses on securing Smart Devices - the billions of non-PC devices connecting to the Internet across every sector of the economy , announced that it won a "SINET Innovator Award for 2010" last week in Washington, DC.

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Android Platform Sees First Military Application

By JDavis | 6/22/10 11:54 AM

We previously posted about the growth of Google's Android platform beyond the realm of smartphones into a range of consumer electronic devices. And now, as recently reported on Forbes.com, a major military defense contractor has brought Android in to the battlefield in what could be the first military application of Google's open source platform.

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